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The research association 3-D MID e.V. at the 27th FED conference in Bremen

The Research Association for Spatial Electronic Assemblies exhibited at the 27th FED Conference in Bremen in 2019, thus further consolidating the intensified cooperation between the two networks.

From September 26 to 27, 2019, the Electronic Design Association organized the 27th FED Conference in Bremen, this time on the topic of mobile, networked and smart electronic hardware with an accompanying exhibition. The conference is the only German-language event that covers the entire development and manufacturing process of electronic assemblies and microsystems.

With the end of our presentation at the FED conference we would like to draw your attention to the workshop Visions to Products – MID and Beyond by Hahn-Schickard on Tuesday 15th October 2019 in Stuttgart.

An essential content of the workshop will be innovative applications of MID technology. The manifold application possibilities will be highlighted by application-oriented lectures from different industrial sectors.

Key data of the 27th FED Conference in brief:

  • Electronic hardware: Packaging and interconnection technology from design to test
  • proven and new tools and management systems in practice
  • two days of lectures and expert panels in four parallel thematic blocks
  • stirring keynotes
  • Evening event: Networking and entertainment on shipping on 26 September 2019
  • more than 300 participants daily
  • unique collegial exchange of experience with experts from industry and research
  • accompanying trade exhibition with about 40 exhibitors

Information about the event can be found on the homepage or in the conference flyer.

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