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Public funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)

Within the framework of the Industrial Community Research (IGF), the BMWi provides funds of currently around 180 million euros annually based on an enactment of the German Parliament, of which 3-D MID manages approx. 1.8 million euros. These funds are used for pre-competitive joint research. The handling of IGF projects is based on a cooperation between the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) and a topicspecific research association which is a member of the AiF.

Relevant topics in the Industrial Community Research (IGF)

The Research Association 3-D MID is responsible for all research topics concerning the functionalization of three-dimensional substrates in industrial joint research. In addition, research on the additive production of spatial assemblies is also gladly accepted. Increasing focus is being placed on integrated production processes in order to be able to manufacture mechatronic integrated devices directly in a system and thus obtain a highly functional miniaturized system.

Important criteria for AiF-IGF research projects

The duration of these research projects is usually two years. The project accompanying committee is composed of about ten companies. Further important requirements are:

  • Pre-competitive, industry-related research
  • Funding of max. 250,000 € per research institution
  • Steering and initiation of the project by the companies in the project accompanying committee
  • Application and project processing by the research institution in German

Procedure of research projects within the framework of the Industrial Community Research IGF

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