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Flamecon is a thermo-kinetic application process. Metal particles are fed through a regulator into a chamber heated to high temperatures. In an automated process an extruder head, which is fitted to a robot arm, feeds the molten particles onto the material surface via a gentle carrier gas flow. Here a conductive coating forms, which thickness and width can be varied by operating parameters.

The Flamecon technology permits metal layers (for example copper, zinc or aluminium) with a thickness between 20 and more than 100 µm each pass. By repeating the process, coatings of more than 1,000 µm can be achieved rapidly.

A combination of mechanical grouting and chemical bonding triggers the necessary adhesion of the particles. Thus, the influencing variables for the conductive surface adhesion are the particle’s intersection and material characteristics as well as its temperature and speed.

Flamecon has been devised by involving special thermal spraying methods, which fundamentals are fixed in the DIN-standard EN 657.

The metallic Flamecon structures adhere to virtually any surface and could be used, for example, for heating and for transmitting signals in motor vehicles.

Flamecon-Structures (Source: Leoni AG)
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