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Selective Laser Melting

Production of SLM components

Basically, the production of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) components consists of a repetitive building process of three steps:

  1. Lowering of the movable build chamber by the amount of a layer thickness
  2. Powder dosing and application by means of a squeegee unit
  3. Local melting of the powder by laser radiation

In various research projects (AMPEC, ActivePower, CLADMID), research is being conducted into building multi-material composites with local functional materials. For example, complete power electronics modules are to be manufactured in just one system. These include the ceramic base body and the circuit layout made of copper.


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The different material properties result in corresponding challenges for the SLM (Selective Laser Melting) process.


Challenges in SLM of copper on ceramic:

  • Introduction of high residual stresses into machined material
  • Tendency to oxidise copper (stress increase)
    Necessary plant optimisation
  • Poor thermal shock resistance of ceramics
    High energy input by laser into ceramics not possible
  • Need for high energy input to melt copper
    Adapted parameter combinations in ceramic-metal interface necessary
  • Different coefficients of linear expansion (CTE)
  • Creating a connection between ceramic and metal


  • Fully additive process
  • High 3D design freedom
  • Construction from several materials possible
  • High variety of materials (plastics, ceramics, metals)
  • Flexible basic body and layout design

Source of the text and video: FAPS, FAU
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