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The procedure for IGF applications via the Research Association 3-D MID is as follows.

1) Access of the research units to ELANO – application management

For the processing of research applications in the AiF’s electronic application tool “ELANO”, the research units will each receive an FST-Admin account and internally appoint a responsible admin. This account is only an administrative account, which can be used to create “project worker accounts”. Research proposals are processed exclusively through these accounts created by the FST-Admin. If you do not yet have an FST-Admin account, please provide us with the first and last name as well as the email address of the Research Unit Administrator so that we can apply for FST-Admin access at the AiF.

2) Creation of the basic data set by the Research Association

First of all, your research proposal is created by the office of the Research Association in the ELANO system as a data record (= process). For this purpose, it is necessary to send the completed form Data Sheet IGF-Application ELANO. Your application will be created in ELANO based on this data.

3) Entry of the application data by the research unit

As soon as step two has been completed, the project manager you created can continue working on the application. This means that both the research proposal as a PDF file according to AiF specifications and the abstract can be uploaded. Further the financing data and information on the project support committee can be entered in ELANO. Please use the appropriate forms of the AiF for the documents to be submitted.

4) Reporting to the Research Association for review

After all necessary details have been entered and the relevant documents uploaded by you, you can submit the notification for the Research Association to review the application documents. After final examination of the documents the application will be submitted to the AiF by the office of the Research Association.

Special features

If a revised application is resubmitted, the old (rejected) application must also be uploaded as a PDF file. In order to clarify and explain the changes in the new resubmission application, a letter of justification must be uploaded by you as an accompanying document. This eliminates the need to mark the changed jobs in the new application.

Downloads & Links

The links below are unfortunately only available in German, as they are also German authorities that support the research projects.


Download: Data sheet IGF-Application ELANO

Link: Forms of the AiF (german)

Download: Allocation of fields of expertise and economic sectors (german)

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