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The project ideas listed below are currently in the application process. Click on the project name to get more information about the particular project.


We would be pleased to include further participants in the project-accompanying committee. If you are interested, please contact the office by phone (+49 911 5302-9100) or via e-mail. E-Mail to office

Project Outline NiMm3

Nickel-free metallization systems on 3D MID substrate materials


The planned NiMm3 project is intended to provide important insights for the design and manufacture of reliable 3D circuit carriers. On the other hand, new applications for MIDs with nickel-free conductor paths are also to be developed.

Project Outline DigiTIMe

Digital printing of conductive inks using inkjet for miniaturization of electronic assemblies (DigiTIMe)


The main research objective is to test the scientific thesis that conventional stencil printing can be substituted by inkjet printing on an ink base for extremely miniaturised assemblies and at the same time integrated into the existing production environment.

Project Outline ZUFEK

Development of a reliable spring-based connection technology for digitally manufactured lead structures (ZUFEK)


Research Objective: Development of a reliable, puncture-resistant, electrical contact based on spring elements

Project Outline MST-MID

Integrated Microsystems on functionalized MID polymer wafers (MST-MID)


As a research objective, a simplified process for the manufacture of eddy current sensors is to be investigated with regard to process complexity and number of process steps. The question whether eddy current sensors can be manufactured without the use of lithography and complex packaging processes is to be answered. For this purpose, the LDS process in combination with plastic injection moulding is to provide the necessary technological foundation.

Project Outline AddiHF

Additive manufacturing of antennas by processing of high frequency plastics (AddiHF)


The aim of the project is to investigate suitable combinations of plastics and AF manufacturing processes of RF components.

Project Outline LaMP

Laser activation of printed metal-polymer composites (LaMP)


Research Objective: Creation of a continuous metallic structure on the surface of printed metal-polymer composites, thus increasing the electrical conductivity of the printed composite structure.

Project Outline FLA-HEAT

IGF – Investigation of the influence of thermally conductive fillers on flame retardant substrate materials [FLA-HEAT]


Research Objective: Investigation of the influencing factors of thermally conductive fillers and their orientation on the flame retardant properties at different states of conditioning

Project Outline 3D-MLD

IGF – 3D multilayer printing from Mechatronic Integrated Devices [3D-MLD]


Research Objective: Printing of multilayer 3D-MID with vias

Project Outline CEEE-AL

CORNET – Circular Electrical and Electronic Equipment – The Aluminium Option [CEEE-AL]


The aim of the CEEE-AL research project is to validate the suitability of aluminium as a functional housing material for small network devices. In this context, different methods and technologies, which are necessary for the success of the concept, are also examined for their feasibility.

Project Outline 60Protect

CORNET – mmWave Product Authentication with Mobile Devices and secure Cloud Service [60Protect]


The focus of this project is on the implementation of a complete 60 GHz (mmWave) RFID system that can be used directly by SMEs for the authentication of products. Such an mmWave system consists of tiny transponders, compact, low-cost readers, secure cryptographic algorithms and a cloud-based software infrastructure.

Project Outline 3D-MID Aero Printing

IGF – Fast and flexible manufacturing of highly integrated 3D-MID prototypes using laser assisted aerosol jet and FDM printing [3D-MID Aero Printing]


The research objective is the development of a process chain for the production of highly integrated 3D-MID components using laser-based aerosol jet and 3D printing (FDM).

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