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Project Ideas

The project ideas listed below are currently in the application process. Click on the project name to get more information about the particular project.


We would be pleased to include further participants in the project-accompanying committee. If you are interested, please contact the office by phone (+49 911 5302-9100) or via e-mail ( E-Mail to office

Project Outline MultiPower

Spatially optimised manufacture of a power module using stereolithographic multi-material fabrication of ceramic 3D substrates with embedded conductive structures


The aim of the research project is the spatially optimised manufacture of a power electronic module with embedded conductive structures in a ceramic housing by means of additive manufacturing in order to optimise heat dissipation, minimise gate-path losses and increase component integration and functional density.

Project Outline 3D-Optronic MID

3D-Opto-electronic MID by thermoforming of additively manufactured hybrid systems


The aim of the project is to produce 3D components with fully integrated electrical conductors and optical networks.

Project Outline DiTempSe

Integration of temperature sensor technology into the sealing system radial shaft seal by means of 3D-MID for in-situ monitoring of the operating behaviour


In the research project, a sensor is to be integrated into shaft sleeves, which serve as the mating surface of radial shaft seals, by means of 3D-MID, which measures the temperature exactly under the sealing contact of the sealing edge without changing the sealing behaviour.

Project Outline Adhesion4PE

Measurement of the adhesive strength of printed conductive layers in electronics production


The aim is to subject existing methods for measuring adhesive strength to a thorough investigation of the weak points, influencing variables and possible correlations between results.

Project Outline INSILE

Inductive inline sintering for printed conductor tracks with a process control


Research objective: Inductive inline sintering of printed, wet conductor tracks in combination with a process control

Project Outline FHVEB

Flexible interconnections on three-dimensional components


Research objective: Examination of the innovative wire laying technology with regard to the nature of the wire material, the fixation in the substrate, the optimal process parameters and the characteristics of the applied interconnections before industrial use.

Project Outline E|AlOxid

Power density electromagnetic actuators by winding body of Al2O3-insulated aluminum foils


As part of the project, the technical feasibility of the approach and the benefits of the targeted technology are to be examined in more detail. The aim is to use the theoretical advantages such as to prove better thermal connection and higher volumetric power density by setting up demonstrators.

Project Outline HAKa3D

High-performance deposition of copper layers on three-dimensional circuit carriers


The aim of the research project is to develop a profound understanding of the processes involved in the creation, characterization and evaluation of galvanically reinforced circuit diagrams on three-dimensional thermoplastic components.

Project Outline LaMP

Laser activation of printed metal-polymer composites (LaMP)


Research Objective: Creation of a continuous metallic structure on the surface of printed metal-polymer composites, thus increasing the electrical conductivity of the printed composite structure.

Project Outline 3D-MID Aero Printing

IGF – Fast and flexible manufacturing of highly integrated 3D-MID prototypes using laser assisted aerosol jet and FDM printing [3D-MID Aero Printing]


The research objective is the development of a process chain for the production of highly integrated 3D-MID components using laser-based aerosol jet and 3D printing (FDM).

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