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MID technology (MID – Mechatronic Integrated Devices) enables the integration of mechanical, electronic, thermal, fluidic and optical functions in three-dimensional shaped circuit carriers. Suitable substrate materials range from thermoplastics, thermosets, glass and ceramics up to specially coated metals.


Due to the advantages of MID an increased degree of miniaturization, a high integration density as well as a shortening of the process chain can be realized. Characterized by the various potentials of MID technology and by the prospects of emerging, promising technologies, such as printed electronics and additive manufacturing, the term MID formerly known as Mechatronic Integrated Devices expands to Mechatronic Integrated Devices.

In times of Internet of Things (IoT), cross-sector applications like sensory functions, electronic intelligence, energy storages and communication capabilities (e.g. antennas) have to be integrated in tightest installation spaces on any material. These boundary conditions with respect to the continuous further development of structuring, metallization and printing processes are the ideal growth medium for Mechatronic Integrated Devices.

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