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Pre-competitive Joint Research

  • Support of knowledge gaining in the field of Mechatronic Integrated Devices
  • Establishing research groups for joint projects
  • Supporting the run of research projects
  • Cooperation with other research associations and institutes
  • Providing an external innovation to release internal R&D


  • Recommendation of competent contact partners for all problem areas
  • Centralized data and literature collection
  • Exchange of experience between members
  • Intranet (Results of research projects)
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

Counsel and Information

  • Market study
  • Technical advice
  • Information center for the 3D-MID-Technology
  • Contact point for interested parties

Technology transfer

  • International MID Congress
  • Topic oriented workshops
  • Seminars

Public Relation

  • Organization of collaborative exhibition appearances
  • Publications (Business magazine PLUS, MID-Guide)
  • MID Industrial Award, MID Development Award, MID Advancement Award
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