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Review of the 3rd MID Day

The participants of the 3rd MID Day once again joined the online event from all over the world on 11th of August. Half of the participants attended the event from abroad. The two presentations from industry and research were followed from China, Japan, Taiwan, the United States and Great Britain, among others. From industry, Dr. Martin Hedges from Neotech AMT GmbH presented the project “AMPERE” and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mager from the Fraunhofer Institute IEM presented the research of the Cornet project “Ressiar”.

Luminaire demonstrator: cold-warm LED device “Fully Additive Manufacture”; source: Neotech AMT GmbH

Dr. Martin Hedges from Neotech AMT GmbH began his presentation by explaining the technology of 3D-printed electronics and presenting the various process chains of this technology. The application examples listed by Dr. Hedges in the automotive, communication, aerospace and healthcare sectors made the technology even more tangible and understandable for the participants. In addition, Dr. Hedges specifically addressed another application example, “Fully Additive 3D Printed Electronics”, which is being investigated within the framework of the EU project Penta “AMPERE”. As part of the project, hybrid multi-material AM production processes for MID were developed, among other things, and prototypes of mechatronic products were manufactured in three application areas: Medicine, Lighting and Power Electronics. Furthermore, the research enables, among other things, a faster response to market changes through e.g. shortened lead times, greater product diversity and cost-efficient, scalable production of small and large series.

Autonomous NFC tag with temperature sensor; source: Neotech AMT GmbH

The second presentation was given by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mager of the Fraunhofer Institute IEM, who provided insights into the project “Ressiar” – manufacturing individual sensor systems in small batch sizes. The project was worked on by the Fraunhofer Institute IEM and the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe . The project, which was completed at the end of 2020, pursued the goal of enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to take the first steps in the areas of design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning when retrofitting plants with smart sensor systems.

At the beginning, Dipl.-Ing. Mager dealt with the topics of requirements and use cases. Among other things, he addressed the topics of system architecture, design and feasibility. The challenge in the implementation of the various technologies was, among other things, the realisation of so-called High Density Interconnect (HDI) metallisations for the assembly with highly integrated semiconductor components. These chip sets are necessary for the construction of the sensor systems, since due to the limited installation space and the limited energy from the primary cell, a circuit construction with discrete components is not possible or sensible. The design concept was implemented and finally validated in the form of demonstrators. Furthermore, a test concept was developed that provides developers and users with information and assistance on how a wireless sensor system should be validated and tested. Furthermore, intensive work was done on the creation of a design guideline. The aim of this guideline is to enable SMEs to design wireless sensor systems on their own. The guideline accompanies the development process with practical tips and recommendations that support the developers.

Further information on the project Ressiar can be found here. You can view the final publication of the project Ressiar here.

Additively manufactured circuit carriers for retrofit solutions; source: Fraunhofer IEM, TH OWL
Fully assembled sensor module; source: Fraunhofer IEM, TH OWL
Distribution of the work packages of the project Ressiar; source: Fraunhofer IEM, TH OWL

The next MID Day will take place on 10th November 2021. You will find more information here shortly. Further dates of the MID Days and other events can be found in the events calendar.


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