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MID Days

At the MID Days you will be informed about the research projects of the Research Association 3-D MID and have the opportunity to network with other participants. The event is open to all MID-interested parties and free of charge.


The MID Day takes place once a quarter in the afternoon from 4 to 5 PM CET as a webinar via Zoom. There will be two presentations of 20 minutes each, followed by a Q&A session of about 10 minutes. Finally, speakers and participants can network in small groups.


You can find the next dates of the MID Days in the event calendar.

Picture: Bright MIDster; Source: 3-D MID

Next MID Day on 11th August 2021

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1st Presentation

EU project Penta “AMPERE” – development of reliable and scalable hybrid Additive Manufacturing methods for producing multi-functional mechatronic systems

Neotech AMT GmbH, Dr. Martin Hedges


2nd Presentation

Research project “Ressiar” – manufacturing individual sensor systems in small batches

Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic System Designs (IEM) & University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe

Lecturer: Fraunhofer IEM, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mager


A more detailed description of the two lectures can be found in this article.

Past MID Days

The presentations of the past MID Days are available to our members free of charge in the members’ area.

1st Presentation

Introduction of 3-D MID and current research topics
3-D MID, Philipp Braeuer

Download Presentation


2nd Presentation

LPKFs AMP Technology – Challenges of rewiring in the packaging area

LPKF, Florian Roick

Download Presentation


3rd Presentation

Research project “OLE-3D”: Digital printing of organic optoelectronics on a 3D body

Chair FAPS of FAU, Mohd Khairulamzari Hamjah

Download Presentation

1st Presentation

Research project “AgOn3D”: Silver sintering on 3D ceramic substrates for electronics in high-temperature applications
Chair FAPS of FAU, Alexander Hensel


2nd Presentation

Research project “LaDi-Print”: Fast and flexible production of conductor structures for the production of large-area mechatronic components using laser-assisted direct printing
Chair FAPS of FAU, Simone Neermann


To the article about the review of the 1st MID Day

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