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MID Days

At the MID Days you will be informed about the research projects of the Research Association 3-D MID and have the opportunity to network with other participants. The event is open to all MID-interested parties and free of charge.


The MID Day takes place once a quarter in the afternoon from 4 to 5 PM CET as a webinar via Zoom. There will be two presentations of 20 minutes each, followed by a Q&A session of about 10 minutes. Finally, speakers and participants can network in small groups via Zoom.


Here you can find a review of the 1st MID Day.


You can find the next dates of the MID Days in the event calendar.

Picture: Bright MIDster; Source: 3-D MID

Agenda 2nd MID Day

12th May 2021 – 4 to 5 PM (CET)

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1st Presentation

Topic: LPKFs AMP Technology – Challenges of rewiring in the packaging area

LPKF, Florian Roick


2nd Presentation

Research project “OLE-3D”: Digital printing of organic optoelectronics on a 3D body

Chair FAPS of FAU, Mohd Khairulamzari Hamjah


Research objective: Development of processes for the production of organic functional layers, e.g. for OPV, OPD and OLED applications, on arbitrarily shaped 3D surfaces

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