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Jürgenhake as a New Member of the Research Association

In May 2022, the company Jürgenhake was accepted as a new member in the network of the Research Association 3-D MID e.V.. As a supplier, Jürgenhake has been successfully developing and assembling cable harnesses and special solutions for years, with a focus on the automotive, aviation, and mechanical and plant engineering sectors. Whether batch size 1 or X-thousand, the company produces several thousand different products in highly efficient production lines.

Founded in 1950 by Bernhard Jürgenhake sen., the company was active in the field of manual sorting and sheet metal forming in the early years. After the takeover by Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Jürgenhake jun. in 1983, the company developed into a production and development partner for cable assembly.

In these early years, the young company acted as a second tier supplier in the automotive and aerospace sectors and was thus able to hold its own in the market. Small or large batch sizes and just-in-time production of several thousand different products (approx. 3500) characterize this highly differentiated market. Since 2005, Jürgenhake has focused entirely on the aerospace industry with “Jürgenhake Deutschland GmbH”, which sets standards as a driver in the high-end sector.

Figure 1: Jürgenhake is involved in R&D projects in order to identify the potential of new product and process innovations in good time; Source: Jürgenhake

The company’s expertise lies not only in the manufacture of cable assemblies, but also and especially in development. Jürgenhake sees itself as a partner from the very beginning. The specific knowledge is shown in the production of extremely durable connections as well as in their optimal design and production. The development of our own production equipment ensures the reproducibility of processes with simultaneous flexibility, e.g. for the production of special solutions.

Constantly growing customer demands require a high innovation potential of the supplying partners. The company thinks both product- and process-innovatively and invests continuously in know-how and production technology: Be it high-frequency or fiber optic cables for predictive maintenance and industrial data analytics applications or individually 3D printed equipment for higher flexibility and quality in the manufacturing process.

As a basic member and one of the first partners for transfer projects in the technology network “it’s OWL”, the company solves the challenges of digital transformation on a daily basis. The company has also been involved for years in various research and development projects with various research institutions and as part of cooperation projects of the research association 3-D MID e.V..



Dr.-Ing. Christoph Jürgenhake

Windmüllerstr. 41

59557 Lippstadt, GER

Phone: +49 2941 2807-0

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