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ECPE e.V.: New member of 3-D MID e.V.

ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V. is an industry-driven European Research Network in the field of power electronics. The network with the office in Nuremberg was founded in 2003 by eight company representatives and today includes 110 member companies from Europe and about the same number of university and research institutes, the so-called ECPE Competence Centres. The main topics of the network are pre-competitive joint research, the advanced training of engineers as well as public relations for power electronics.


In the ​​industry-financed ECPE Joint Research Programme, technology studies and R&D projects are contracted with selected competence centers, with the industrial companies selecting the project topics and accompanying the projects in expert boards. The advanced training activities of ECPE cover a wide range of training courses on topics related to power electronics, as well as the organization of expert workshops. The public relations activities of the ECPE network aim on the one hand at new funding programmes at national or European level and at recruiting activities for young power electronics engineers.


Furthermore, as part of the Bavarian Cluster Offensive, the power electronics cluster was established under the umbrella of ECPE e.V. in Nuremberg in 2006. The main goal of the cluster is to initiate innovations in the Bavarian economy, particularly involving medium-sized actors. The cooperation network using the existing innovation and value chains in Bavaria is of central importance.


The main interest of ECPE and Cluster with regard to the membership in 3-D MID e.V. lies in the field of mechatronic system integration, a trend in power electronics to save costs, weight and installation space. An example is the power electronics integrated in the e-drive in electric vehicles.

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