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Powerlyze GmbH – new member of the Research Association

Powerlyze GmbH offers its customers both standard-compliant reliability tests from all areas of environmental simulation and test methods developed individually to meet specific needs. Demand-oriented qualification routines are of particular importance for MIDs with considerable differences in the coefficient of thermal expansion in the multi-material structure. Especially with regard to highly accelerated processes, testing techniques are offered which are not only sustainably resource-efficient, but also enable a considerable reduction of development and qualification times. Material characterization and analysis are also included in the service portfolio.

In the field of power electronics, the company specializes in integrated testing of renewable energy and e-mobility inverters with a combination of load routines and meaningful characterization intervals.

Powerlyze GmbH joined the Research Association in October 2021 and is pleased to actively contribute its expertise to the 3-D MID network and to support and accompany various research projects.


Powerlyze GmbH

Mr. Martin Muckelbauer

Kleingruendlacher Strasse 29

90427 Nuremberg, GER


Phone: +49 (0) 911 13024512


Picture: Excerpt of services in the company’s test & inspection laboratory: environmental simulation and reliability testing with active and
passive loading; material characterization and semiconductor refinement; Source: Powerlyze GmbH

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