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Our new member ALUMINA SYSTEMS GmbH introduces itself

In October 2022 ALUMINA SYSTEMS GmbH was accepted as a new member in the network of the Research Association 3-D MID e.V..


ALUMINA SYSTEMS GmbH has unique know-how in the field of joining technologies between ceramics and metals. The company has been manufacturing customized ceramic-metal composite components since 1970. The products are used in many industries such as vacuum, laser, X-ray, energy, plasma, medical, semiconductor and measurement technology.


An additional focus at ALUMINA SYSTEMS has been the production of 3D-printed ceramic components for several years. Here, ALUMINA Systems has the world’s largest 3D printer for dense technical ceramics.


The design of sophisticated components is carried out at ALUMINA SYTEMS GmbH using an FEM-protected component calculation to determine the mechanical-thermal stresses. This allows design alternatives to be selected and evaluated in advance of the design, thus preventing trial errors before the first component goes into production.


Alumina Systems GmbH

Norbert Müller

Bahnhofstraße 43

96257 Redwitz, GER

Phone: +49 9574 65432 250




  • 3D-printed ceramic gas distribution ring for PE-ALD applications (Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Disposition) – world’s largest 3D-printed component made of Al2O3 (diameter 530 mm)
  • 3D-printed, vacuum-tight ceramic parts made of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide from prototype to series production (e.g. satellite engine, cryogenic heat exchanger, millireaction technology)
  • Vacuum-tight ceramic-metal composite components, e.g. in sensor technology for controlling ship engines,
  • The “green battery” based on NaNiCl technology in stationary applications for storing large amounts of electricity (wind and solar farms, industrial buildings, supermarkets, municipal buildings)


ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHRIS (occupational health and safety)



TOP-Innovator 2017, TOP 100 award, Best Component Award Technical Ceramics 2018: 1st place, TOP-Innovator 2019, TOP 100 award, Innovation Leben Award 2020

Image: A brilliant idea in every product: In close cooperation with Plasway-Technologies GmbH, Alumina Systems developed the world’s largest 3D-printed ceramic atomic layer deposition ring with a diameter of approx. 530 mm for the coating of Si wafers; Source: Alumina Systems GmbH

Business Segments

  • HV/DC Systems
  • 3D Systems
  • Chip Systems
  • Mechanic Systems

  • Laser Systems
  • Plasma Systems
  • Sensor Systems
  • Oil/Gas Systems

  • Space Systems
  • Vacuum Systems
  • X-Ray Systems
  • Battery Systems

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