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Institute of Microproduction Technology: New member of 3-D MID e.V.

In August 2019, the Institute of Microproduction Technology (IMPT) joined the Research Association for Spatial Electronic Assemblies (3D-MID) e.V. as a new member. For 15 years now, the IMPT has been researching processes for the manufacture of microsystems at the site of the Production Technology Centre (PZH). A special focus is created by the link to the other institutes of the PZH, which have special requirements for integrable microsystems in production facilities. Especially in the environment of increasing digitalization and the topic Industry 4.0, challenges arise here to be able to fulfill specific measurement tasks. In addition to system integration, questions are also addressed that deal with the cost-effective production of microsystems outside of cost-intensive clean rooms. This is intended to show ways in which small and medium-sized companies can be enabled to operate microsystems technology.

Within the scope of the activities in the network 3-D MID e.V., the institute would like to use the possibilities of injection moulding of LDS-capable thermoplastics in combination with thin film technology for the development of highly integrated sensors and passive components, such as inductors. Functions from the back-end process of wafer production are to be integrated at the beginning of the process chain. “The combination of manufacturing processes with our technology enables us to continually take a new perspective in the production of microsystems.

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