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APAG CoSyst GmbH as new member of the research association

In October 2019 the company APAG CoSyst GmbH has been accepted as a new member of the network of the Research Association for Spatial Electronic Devices (3-D MID) e.V. The company APAG CoSyst supplies, among other things, comfort control units for various applications in the automotive sector. Modular platforms ensure that the right control unit is provided for each specific application. Combined with existing basic software, a customer-specific solution can be developed quickly. Several CAN and LIN interfaces are available for communication with other on-board power supply units. The platforms are automotive qualified. Housing and connectors are designed for use in the vehicle, whereby existing connection technology is used wherever possible. The platforms can be used for rapid/embedded control prototyping as well as for series applications. By using such an off-the-shelf solution, one can fully concentrate on the application in the software. In addition to an operating system, the associated software package also provides the drivers for the I/O channels and the bus systems. The application is thus decoupled from the I/O and can be developed hardware-independently. The application software can also be model-based. APAG CoSyst thus provides an ideal basis for rapid deployment in various fields of application. Today you will find the platforms in special-purpose vehicles for controlling extensive special and lighting functions, in small-series vehicles in the comfort and bodywork sector, but also in large-series applications at the OEMs BMW, Audi, Porsche and Chrysler.

APAG CoSyst also develops and manufactures LED-based interior and exterior lighting. The interior lighting ranges from simple ambient lighting to complex roof consoles. Small LED modules, which are manufactured in a highly automated process, can be reused in many ways. The modular concept with bus connection and RGB technology allows for coordinated interior lighting concepts. The use of RGB LEDs makes it possible to create a wide range of light colours. As indirect light they can create a sense of space or as direct light they can set functional accents. Outdoor lighting is becoming more and more a brand and design expression. The OEM-specific requirements for environmental conditions such as temperature, dirt, humidity and mechanical stress are always taken into account during development. APAG CoSyst produces door handle exterior lighting with a wide range of designs that will stand the test of time in all weathers throughout the life of the car. Comparable technologies are used for indicator lights or license plate lights.

Years of experience in the development and production of electronic control units and lighting modules now offers the opportunity for further miniaturization and increase in the functional density of the components by integrating the electronic components into the plastic carrier parts as well as into the transparent housings within the cooperation in the 3-D MID Association.


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