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Project Outline: IGF – Fast and flexible manufacturing of highly integrated 3D-MID prototypes using laser assisted aerosol jet and FDM printing [3D-MID Aero Printing]

Research objective

The research objective is the development of a process chain for the production of highly integrated 3D-MID components using laser-based aerosol jet and 3D printing (FDM). In order to enable the manufacturability of filigree conductor path structures, different laser-based surface treatment strategies are investigated and characterized. In addition, the process is to be used to embed the conductor tracks and components. On the one hand, this enables a high level of integration by functionalizing the inside of the package and, on the other hand, a selective protection against media influences and mechanical stress. Furthermore, the influence of the surface treatment on the adhesive strength and current carrying capacity of the conductor tracks is investigated.

Benefits for SMEs

  • Fast and flexible production of filigree (embedded) conductor paths, even on additively manufactured components without molding tools, expands the field of application of MIDs in the area of prototype and small series production.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of MIDs can extend the field of application to additive manufactured, thermally sensitive (e.g. PLA) as well as chemical resistant (e.g. PA6) components with regard to a cheaper and shorter time-to-market production without time-consuming furnace sintering.
Figure: Production of the conductor structures using the aerosol jet process; Source: blz, FAPS

Research institute

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Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS)


Bavarian Laser Center (BLZ)

Project accompanying companies

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