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Project Outline: Nickel-free metallization systems on 3D MID substrate materials (NiMm3)

The Research Association 3-D MID e.V. is still looking for companies to accompany the project. If you are interested, please contact the office via phone (+49 911 5302-9100) or E-Mail. E-Mail to office

Research Objective

The planned NiMm3 project is intended to provide important insights for the design and manufacture of reliable 3D circuit carriers. In particular, the weak points of previous MIDs identified by industry representatives will be addressed. On the other hand, new applications for MIDs with nickel-free conductor paths are also to be developed. The focus here is primarily on use in high-frequency technology and medical technology, where the avoidance of nickel is desirable.

Benefits and economic importance for SMEs

SMEs in the process chain benefit from this project through the direct applicability of the developed guidelines, so that MIDs can be produced with increased reliability at no or very low initial costs. This not only increases production and resource efficiency, but also the acceptance of EMFs in a wide range of industries due to their increased reliability. On the user side, greater market penetration can thus be achieved, and by developing nickel-free coating systems, EMFs are also becoming increasingly interesting for high-frequency and medical technology. This is broadening the potential circle of users, enabling new markets to be opened up.

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