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Project Outline: 3D optical conductors on functional surfaces using the Mosquito method (3D-MosquitOPrint)

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In this research project, a process for the production of three-dimensional integrated optical waveguides is to be investigated. This allows on the one hand the insertion of optical structures as communication channels (e.g. in printed circuit boards) and on the other hand the integration of optical sensors (e.g. Bragg gratings) at previously defined component positions. The traces are completely integrated into any component in previously created cavities. For the realization of this project the Mosquito method is to be used.

Research objective

The aim of the project is the generation of fully integrated optical waveguides on three dimensional components, which are to be made accessible for the connection of commercial sources and sinks via a novel surface contacting method. This will enable the integration of optical sensors and communication paths. The research results are the process development and the characterization of the optical Properties of the produced optical tracks. In order to achieve these goals, optimal material and dispensing parameters must be found. In addition, the development of a control system for the automated sequence of process steps is necessary.

Benefits and economic importance for SMEs

The project enables SMEs to produce novel components with integrated optical waveguides and sensors. This is a competitive advantage e.g. for safety relevant components. Furthermore, the development of “smart” components can open up new markets. Examples for the application on formable substrates are metallic inserts for fiber composite plastics (FRP). These inserts are used to accommodate screw connections within the FRP structures and are provided by the IFW (Stade). Further fields of application are the production of injection molded parts in the course of the development of Smart Plastics components or the distribution of light in lighting applications such as rear lights and interior lighting in passenger cars. Optical conductors in electronic circuit boards can also be used for data communication.

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