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Project Outline: Development of a reliable spring-based connection technology for digitally manufactured lead structures (ZUFEK)

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Research objective

Development of a reliable, puncture-resistant, electrical contact based on spring elements

Desired Research Results

  • A calculation algorithm for the spring contact dimensioning (contact pressure and contact area) depending on the used track material
  • The development of new spring elements which generate a travel-independent spring force
  • Innovative contribution of the research results sought
  • Increase of contact reliability by separating the mechanical fastening from the electrical contacting
  • Development of spring elements which generate path-independent spring force. This is to be realized by means of preload or functional materials.

Solution to achieve the research objective

  • Establishing the relationship between hardness/abrasion resistance and max. surface pressure
  • Dimensioning and design of spring contacts
  • automotive-relevant load test of the developed spring contacts (vibrations and temperature changes)

Expected benefits and economic importance for SMEs

With the research results, SMEs can start to develop reliable, robust and spring-force-based connector systems for digitally manufactured control structures. The field of application can be exposed to strong vibrations and temperature changes, e.g. in the automotive sector. This increases the range of possible applications for MID assemblies. For SMEs along the value-added chain, new sales opportunities are opening up. The value chain for functionalized automotive parts is shown as an example:

Expected Contribution to Increasing the Competitiveness of SMEs

  • Expansion of the fields of application of MID assemblies
  • Expansion of the product portfolio and development of unique selling points

Expected Industrial Implementation of the FuD Results after the End of the Project

Automated wiring and contacting of automotive parts (e.g. bumpers) with sensors or actuators and thus connection to the vehicle electrical system

Schematic representation of the planned contacting with spring contacts; Source: Fraunhofer IWU
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