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Project Outline: Digital printing of conductive inks using inkjet for miniaturization of electronic assemblies (DigiTIMe)

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Research Objective

The main research objective is to test the scientific thesis that conventional stencil printing can be substituted by inkjet printing on an ink base for extremely miniaturised assemblies and at the same time integrated into the existing production environment.

Target applications are in medical, sensor and automotive technology and consumer electronics. By means of comprehensive parameter studies on ink formulations, layer thicknesses, pitch spacing, process times and compatible components, the inkjet process is qualified for conductive adhesive application, the reliability of the connections realized with it is examined and a comprehensive user guide is created.

Benefits and economic importance for SMEs

By qualifying the inkjet printing of conductive adhesives, medium-sized electronics manufacturers in particular are given the opportunity to produce miniaturized electronic assemblies with variant flexibility, in small quantities and with short delivery times, cost-effectively and reliably. The planned system technology can be easily integrated into existing production lines with low investment costs. For material suppliers of conductive inks and conductive adhesives, new business opportunities are opened up due to the more productive order process. New demand for adapted printing systems and curing ovens will be generated for machine and plant manufacturers. Finally, this new packaging and joining technology will enable OEM from the above-mentioned industries to develop and offer more competitive products.

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