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Project Outline: Combination of additive manufacturing with printed electronics for personalized products (KAFE-3D)

Research objective

The aim of the research project is the production and characterization of novel mechatronic systems by combining additive manufacturing with printed electronics. In particular, the potential for the production of integrated circuit carriers with internal conductor paths and components is to be exploited. The long-term stability of the generatively produced MID assemblies is to be evaluated by means of reliability tests. Finally, the results will be recorded in the form of a technology demonstrator and the establishment of design guidelines. This will serve the project partners in the development of new applications and the acquisition of new customers and will be the starting point for further research.

Benefits and economic importance for SMEs

  • New functionality and thus opening up new areas of application for personalized electronics
  • Increased integration density compared to conventional EMFs leads to reduced space requirements and lower weight
  • Individual adjustments to customer requirements and production in small lot sizes
  • The resulting market growth for embedded, personalized electronics in additive manufacturing technology benefits companies along the entire supply chain
Source: ARBURG
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