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Invitation to the 6th MID Day – Additive Manufacturing & Characterization Methods of Printed Electronics

On Wednesday, 11th May 2022, the Research Association 3-D MID invites you to the MID Day for the 6th time. The online event starts at 4 PM (CEST) and is open to everyone free of charge. Both presentations will last about 20 min and will be rounded off with a session of Questions & Answers. Following the presentations, presenters and participants can network in the Zoom Meeting.

Figure 1: SLM-fabricated demonstrator: Cu metallisation on Al2O3 with a metallisation thickness of approx. 600 μm; source: Chair of FAPS and WW3 at FAU

Thomas Stoll will present the research project “Ampec” – “Additive Manufacturing of Power Electronic Circuit Carriers” – on behalf of the Chair of Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. The project was completed at the end of April 2021 and pursued the goal of providing an improved process for the additive manufacturing of Cu-based metal layers as well as ceramic circuit carriers by laser melting or laser sintering.

The research project is developing a new technology and alternative to the production of DCB and AMB-manufactured circuit carriers. The production of power electronic circuit carriers requires long process chains with many associated manufacturing steps, such as etching, washing, printing and metallisation processes. Accordingly, a large, cost-intensive plant park is a prerequisite for the production of conventional circuit carriers. As a rule, only large companies are in a position to bear such costs and investments for large-scale production. SMEs are therefore dependent on suppliers and limited in their flexibility of product selection.

The research results of the project AMPEC “Additive manufacturing of power electronic circuit carriers” provide SMEs with a deep and detailed insight into a new technology of additive circuit carrier manufacturing based on selective laser melting. SMEs thus gain access to innovative manufacturing processes for power electronics, which serves as a key technology for a wide range of industries, such as renewable energy technology, the automotive industry and the lighting industry.

Dr. Kathrin Rudolph will present on behalf of TESCAN GmbH, member of 3-D MID, the lecture “TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT Pushing the temporal and spatial boundaries for “true” in situ experimentation”.

Time-resolved 3D imaging with X-rays has rapidly emerged as an essential technique to understand materials evolution, facilitating in situ investigations ranging from mechanical deformation to fluid flow in porous materials and beyond. Imaging of dynamic processes is one of the key applications at synchrotron facilities, pushing the time resolution more and more down with quite some success. However, access to those facilities is often limited and operational cost are quite high.

In the laboratory, image quality and spatial resolution have been significantly improved, often at a cost of temporal resolution, however. TESCAN have made it possible to visualize and inspect dynamic process in the laboratory with a temporal resolution below 5 seconds. Technique, challenges, and possibilities in dynamic micro-CT imaging will be demonstrated here across many application examples.

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