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3-D MID gains a new member: Yamaha Robotics SMT Section

The company Yamaha Robotics SMT Section was accepted as a new member of the network of the Research Association 3-D MID in March 2020.


The Yamaha Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Section is a division of the Yamaha Motor Robotics Business Unit of Yamaha Motor Corporation and was founded in 1984. Yamaha Surface Mount Equipment is highly praised in the market for its “modular concept”. This concept allows it to keep pace with the trend towards smaller and more versatile electrical/ electronic parts mounted on printed circuit boards.


Yamaha’s SMT division has created a strong business in the surface mount industry. Its market share in the SMT assembly sector counts over 40,000 (2017) installed machines. This allows design and engineering, manufacturing, sales and service to be carried out in one comprehensive system.


In addition, the company has applied its core technologies in the areas of servo motor control and image recognition technology for vision (camera) systems to develop solder paste printers, 3D solder paste inspection, 3D PCB inspection machines, flip chip hybrid placers, dispensers and intelligent SMD memory systems. This makes it possible to offer a complete line for electrical/electronic component assembly. This will enable Yamaha to meet the needs of manufacturing with an optimal range of systems.


Yamaha’s SMT division also has sales and service offices in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. This global sales and service network ensures short local distances.


For more information about Yamaha SMT Section please click here.

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