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Mechatronic Integrated Devices are injection molded parts of almost any shape with an integrated circuit diagram structure. By direct material integration, functions such as antennas, switches or button elements, connectors, the use of the MID circuit carrier as housing or the realization of an EMC shielding can be represented.

In addition to design flexibility, there is further potential for rationalisation (figure right). By eliminating mechanical components, assembly is simplified, thereby increasing reliability and shortening process chains. In addition, economic advantages can be achieved through lower material consumption and a reduced number of assembly steps. The aspect of environmental compatibility is an additional benefit. MID assemblies are made of recyclable thermoplastics and are uncritical in terms of disposal. In addition, material consumption and material diversity are reduced (Fig. right).

The most important functions that can be integrated into an MID are shown on the right. Depending on the product, quantity and other boundary conditions, integration has so far resulted in cost savings of up to 40%.

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