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Project Outline: IGF – 3D multilayer printing from Mechatronic Integrated Devices [3D-MLD]

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Research objective

  • Printing of multilayer 3D-MID with vias

Desired research results

  • Analysis of layer parameters (thickness, number and stability)
  • Investigation regarding geometric limitation by the 3D component surface

Innovative contribution of the targeted research results

  • Production of multilayer circuits with short process chain
  • Conserving resources by dispensing with chemical baths
  • Transfer of the process to large components is possible, as no chemical baths are necessary

Solution to achieve the research objective

  • Investigation of the wetting and adhesive strength of the individual layers
  • Laser processing and ablation of insulation materials
  • Laser sintering for the metallization of conductor paths and through holes

Expected use of the envisaged research results in SMEs

  • More compact product design through direct routing of the conductor paths
  • Short process chain compared to the production of conventional electronics

Expected contribution to increasing the competitiveness of SMEs

  • Production of multilayer MIDs is a unique selling point on the market
  • Substitution of PCB Technology by circuits directly on the component surface

Expected industrial implementation of the R&D results after the end of the project

  • Fine-pitch contacting of area array microcontroller and sensor chips on 3D component

Research institution

  • Leibniz University of Hannover (ITA)
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