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New events of 3-D MID in 2021

MID Days

In the MID Days, which are new from this year, two of the AiF-IGF projects currently running through the Research Association will be presented by the scientific researchers in each case by means of a virtual event. This “technical hour” will give you a brief insight into the latest research developments and keep you in contact with the institutes and the companies involved. After the presentation, the scientists will be available for questions. The dates and further details will be published in time.

Image 1: Additively manufactured power electronic demo component.

MID Summit on 7th July in Nuremberg

On the 7th of July the 2nd MID Summit will take place in Nuremberg. This networking event will provide extensive opportunities to network with MID technology stakeholders and receive comprehensive information on the research projects we support. In addition, selected presentations from industry will be featured.
Furthermore, the exhibition of a large number of members from industry and research will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas more intensively in direct discussions. Further details will follow in due course before the event.

Image 2: Snapshot of the 1st MID Summit 2019.
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