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Congress Proceedings 2018

0.1 Franke – Generative Mechatronic Functionalization of Spatial Devices
0.2 Kriebitzsch – Research activities in Mechatronic Integrated Devices and Awarding ceremony_Best paper and MID-Advancement
0.3 Jürgenhake – Systematic for Prototype-based Development of Mechatronic Systems in the Technology MID
1.1.1 Zaderej – Thirty Years of MIDs and ASEP
1.1.2 Obermaier – MID in Communication Systems
1.1.3 Mogueget
2.2a.1 Berix – Rapid Prototyping Made Easy through 3D-Printed Xantar LDS Materials
2.2a.2 Buchmann – Epoxy Moulding Compounds for injection moulded MID substrates
2.2a.3 Ding – Electroless Copper Deposits Providing High Ductility and Adhesion for Advanced MID Applications
3.3a.1 Hoerber – 3D Mechatronic Systems via Printed Electronics
3.3a.2 Pätzold
3.3a.3 Ankenbrand – Generation of 3D Functional Structures for High-Frequency Applications by Printing Technologies
3.3a.4 Ischdonat – Influences of Manufacturing Sequences for the Application of Printed Electronics on Aircraft Interior Components
4.4a.1 Graef – Pushing the Boundaries of 3D-MID
4.4a.2 Roudenko – Influence of Convection Sintering Parameters on Electrical Conductivity and Adhesion of Inkjet-printed Silver Nanoparticle Inks on Flexible Substrates
4.4a.3 Keck – Low-Temperature Sintering of Nanometal Inks on Polymer Substrates
5.5a.1 Friedrich – Low Threshold Entry using an MID Specific Layout Tool
5.5a.2 Mager – Functionalization of Additive Manufactures Components with Laser Direct Structurable Lacquer
5.5a.3 Kamotesov – The Potential of 3D-MID Technology for Omnidirectional Inductive Wireless Power Transfer
5.5a.4 Yang – Applications of Three Dimensional Laser Induced Metallization Technology with Polymer Coating
6.6.1 Ejiri – Cu-Paste for Mechatronic Integrated Devices
6.6.2 Stoll – Electrical and Mechanical Qualification of Selectively Dispensed Active Brazes
6.6.3 Schirmer – Long-Term Behavior of SMT Components Mounted on Printed Polymer Thick Film Pastes
7.2b.2 Wang – Innovative Ceramics for 3D-MID Applications
7.2b.3 Müller – Laser Induced Selective Metallization of 3D Ceramic Interconnect Devices
8.3b.1 Bisges – Flexible Aluminum Circuits in 3D MID Applications
8.3b.2 Kallmayer – Optimized Thermoforming Process for Conformable Electronics
8.3b.3 Ratautas – Laser Assisted Fabrication of Copper Traces on Dielectrics by Electroless Plating
8.3b.4 Wimmer – New standards for Three-Dimensional User Interfaces
9.4b.1 Fischer – Effect of Talc on the Metal Adhesion of Laser-Structured Polymer Parts
9.4b.2 Soltani – Experimental and Computational Study of Array Effects on LED Thermal Management on Mechatronic Integrated Devices MID
9.4b.3 Wolf – Investigation on the Influence of Injection Molding Parameters on High Frequency Permittivity up to 3 GHz on MID Thermoplastics and Reliability of Permittivity During Environmental Testing
10.5b.1 Wasserfall – Design Toolchain, Slicing Process and Verification for the Integration of Electronics into FDM Printed Objects
10.5b.2 Morais – Integration of Electronic Components in the Thermoplastic Processing Chain
10.5b.4 Niese – Fast and Flexible Production of Mechatronic Integrated Devices by Means of Additive Manufacturing

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