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Review of the 9th MID Day on 8th February

On the 8th of February the first MID Day in the new year 2023 took place. Due to unexpected technical problems, the second presentation by Michael Hümmer on the AiF project: “PrInterfaces: Technologies for creating a connection between conventionally manufactured and printed electronic assemblies at Level 3” could not be presented. This presentation will probably be made up at a later MID Day.


The presentation by Dr.-Ing. Timo Kordass gave a very comprehensive insight into the development of the process chain of Duromer-based circuit carriers. This type of substrate material is characterized by high temperature resistance and low water absorption. In the research work, laser patterning and subsequent adequate metallization using colloidal palladium was investigated. After laser processing of the structures, cavities form in the component surface in which colloidal palladium particles anchor after wetting over the entire surface. During chemical copper plating, these particles act as catalysts and thus bring about selective metallization. This laser-assisted process is suitable for substrates in which no activators are present in the plastic matrix. Aqueous solutions, whose wetting was positively influenced by the laser treatment, were used in the study. The prepared samples were subjected to adhesion tests and T-shock tests according to the test conditions from the automotive field. All samples showed a positive result. During the work, trace widths of 120µm were fabricated to evaluate the potential for microelectronics manufacturing.


The next MID Day will take place on 10th May at 4 PM in the familiar format. The titles of the presentations will be announced here soon.

Source: FAPS
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