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Project MST-MID

Integrated Microsystems on functionalized MID polymer wafers


Duration: 01/01/2024 – 12/31/2025

Research Objective

As a research objective, a simplified process for the manufacture of eddy current sensors is to be investigated with regard to process complexity and number of process steps. The question whether eddy current sensors can be manufactured without the use of lithography and complex packaging processes is to be answered. For this purpose, the LDS process in combination with plastic injection moulding is to provide the necessary technological foundation.

The research results should contribute to establishing an innovative manufacturing process such as the LDS process in an application example that is essential for industry-oriented sensor technology. On the basis of plastic injection moulding in combination with the LDS process, it can lead at this point to a drastic reduction in the number of process steps in the production of eddy current sensors, as well as reducing the associated number of systems required. This should lead to a significant reduction in primary investment for SMEs.

Source: Leibniz University Hannover, IMPT

Benefits and Economic Importance for SMEs

The production of lithography-based sensors requires a high investment in infrastructure and the mandatory operation of a clean room. This financial burden leads to a major disadvantage of microtechnology compared to classical mechanical engineering in a high-wage country like Germany.

In addition, the pressure to innovate is increasing from countries such as China, which are able to operate much more profitably in the field of electronics production due to lower environmental regulations and lower wage and energy costs. The production approach for an exemplary electronic component, which has been completely newly addressed in this research project, can compensate for this competitive disadvantage for the location Germany and also support small and medium-sized companies in entering the production of SMT components.

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