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MID Award

Since 1998, the MID Award has been awarded at the MID International Congress. Within this framework, the Research Association 3-D MID  honors scientific work which has made outstanding contributions to the further technological development of Mechatronic Integrated Devices.


On the occasion of the 14th International Congress MID the Research Association awards the MID Award for the 13th time. The prize is endowed with a certificate and 1.000,- €.


Download Call for Applications MID Award 2021

Areas of MID Technology

The MID Award of the Research Association is awarded to graduates of universities who have done outstanding scientific work in the field of MID technology. This includes in particular the following areas:

  1. Innovations in MID:
    Integrative product concepts; economic aspects; market development
  2. MID – Application and realisation:
    Extended benefits through MID; selection of MID production processes; strategies for successful MID projects
  3. Integrated CAD/CAM-systems:
    Development Systems ECAD/ MCAD; 3D-MID-layout and design; Simulation
  4. Materials for MID:
    Use of new substrates; circuit carrier surfaces; connection media
  5. Manufacturing process:
    Plastics processing; metallization processes; structuring of conductor paths
  6. Packaging and connection technology:
    Mounting: SMT, THT, Chip on MID; alternative soldering methods, conductive bonding; System solutions for MID
  7. Quality assurance:
    Quality assurance measures; environmental protection, recycling; testing methods, standards
  8. Future developments:
    Printing technologies; alternative assembly technologies; rapid prototyping/manufacturing
Picture: The MID Award 2021 is presented to the former Managing Director of the Research Association 3-D MID Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kuhn ; Source: 3D-MID


Proposals can only be submitted by the supervising professors. The following documents must be enclosed with the proposals:

  • Scientific work
  • Expert opinion by the respective university lecturer
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant


The submitted work will be advised and evaluated by the Research Advisory Board of the Research Association.


The MID Award of the Research Association will be awarded during the International Congress MID.


Please download the Call for Applications MID Award 2021 to find the deadlines and further information.

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