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Brief Introductions of the Boards

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Franke

Chair of Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems (FAPS)

Chair holder

Jörg Franke heads the Chair of Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and focuses research on the design, manufacture and assembly of mechatronic products.

In addition, he is, among other things, a board member of the Bavarian Cluster Mechatronics and Automation e.V. as well as the Research Association Mechatronic Integrated Devices 3D-MID e.V..

During his time in industry, Prof. Franke worked for McKinsey&Co., Robert Bosch GmbH, ZF Lenksysteme (ZFLS) GmbH, Schaeffler KG and most recently as Chairman of the Board of ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH.

Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Pojtinger

2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director

Mr. Pojtinger is managing director of the company 2E mechatronic GmbH und Co. KG and has been a board member of 3-D MID e.V. for 6 years. Furthermore, he has been intensively involved with MID technology for 20 years now.

After studying physics at the University of Stuttgart, Mr. Pojtinger earned his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart. This was followed by several years as a scientist at several major European research institutions. Since 1997 until today, Mr. Pojtinger has been working in the automotive supplier industry in various positions such as project manager, head of basic research, technical manager and currently as managing director. His main focus is on connectors, sensor housings, sensors and MID technology as a cross-section technology.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Reinhardt

SEHO Systems GmbH

Head of Research, Member of the Executive Board

Since 2014 working in the company as head of research, often in direct contact with customers to find solutions for challenging applications. Doctorate at the chair FAPS in the field of electronics production / flexible circuit carriers. Many years of experience with MID through research projects during the chair time and since the change to SEHO through the participation in some project accompanying committees.

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