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Invitation to the 8th MID Day – Laser transmission welding of LDS plastics & Smart Wireless MID Sensor Systems

Two exciting presentations from industry and research await you at the 8th MID Day on November 9. The online event starts at 4 PM (CET) and is open to all free of charge.

First, Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Jaus, Department Manager Innovation and Product Management at our member LPKF Laser & Electronics AG will give the presentation “WeLDS – New possibilities for LDS through Laser Transmission Welding”.

In addition to the LDS method, LPKF also develops and distributes systems for laser plastic welding of thermoplastic components (laser transmission welding). A combination of the two processes would have significant advantages for a wide range of customers (automotive, medical, consumer electronics, etc.), such as increased functional integration, further enhanced 3D capability, etc. LPKF has succeeded in successfully combining both processes, opening up new opportunities for LDS technology. These advances as well as a current state of the art with possible application examples would be the content of the presentation.

Picture: Demonstrator component manufactured with the two processes LDS and laser transmission welding in combination; Source: LPKF

Florian Pape from the Fraunhofer Institute IEM will then present the project “Smart Wireless MID Sensor Systems for IOT Applications (MERLIN)”. The project started in March 2021 and is expected to be completed in February 2023.

Within the scope of the ‘MERLIN’ project, the new possibilities for AM-MID applications in mechanical and plant engineering are to be analyzed and characterized. The focus is on the CMID process (powder coating-based), which allows any metallic base body, and the stereolithography process, which allows additively produced base bodies and for which a special MID photopolymer has been developed. An extended system is being developed which integrates design information, manufacturing-specific restrictions and functional solution aspects. Secondly, the contents of the systematics are to be validated based on the design and implementation of demonstrators. In this way, a secure, detailed understanding of the process will be built up and, at the same time, a system will be developed that will enable other companies to access the technology.

The presentations will last about 20 minutes each and will be accompanied by a Q&A session. Finally, the speakers and participants can network.

Picture: Power electric circuit in CMID technology; Source: Fraunhofer IEM

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