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FAU/FAPS: Invitation to the Future Symposium Internet of Values (IoV-E³)

Under the leadership of FAU, the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is applying for a future cluster which is sponsored by the BMBF. The title is:


Internet of Values ​​(IoV-E³): Sustainable global value creation


In close cooperation between manufacturing companies and innovative technology providers as well as leading scientists from the region, modern information and communication technologies (especially blockchain / DLT) are to be further developed in order to make global supply chains with economic, ecological and ethical-social (E³) values  transparent and comprehensible.


In the IoV-E³ future symposium, FAU wants to present the concept of the Internet of Values ​​(IoV) and discuss it with the participants as well as invite them to participate in the planned future cluster. In addition, FAU offers the participants high-quality lectures by renowned speakers and ample opportunity for virtual networking (using


FAU is very much looking forward to a lively participation and ask those interested to register via e-mail or homepage

Source: Chair FAPS, FAU
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