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MID Summit – the platform for MID technologies

Due to the current situation, the MID Summit has been postponed from 7th of July to 30th of September 2021. More information on the event will follow shortly.

The MID Summit was first held in 2019 and is scheduled for every two years. It serves to network the members of 3-D MID as well as external interested parties and offers insights into current trends in MID technologies. The members are given the opportunity to present themselves individually through exhibition booths, tabletop presentations and lectures. The summit, designed as an open exhibition, will be accompanied by technical lectures and guided tours of local research laboratories.

Workshops – on the pulse of time

MID workshops on topics of interest such as standardization, design and production and MID demonstrators are held regularly by 3-D MID. The workshops are open to all members.

Cooperation – FED and OE-A

In order to be able to draw on the expertise of other networks, we maintain cooperations with other professional associations. These include the Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten- & Elektronikfertigung (FED) and the Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A). The exchange takes place, through mutual visits to events, participation in congresses and cooperation in working groups. Furthermore, representatives of the OE-A have seats on the research advisory board of the 3-D MID.

Visitors of the MID Summit 2019 listen to the interesting technical lectures
Visitors to the MID Summit have the opportunity to network and exchange experiences

1st MID Summit 2019

Please find here a review of the first MID Summit.


The 1st MID Summit in numbers:

  • Over 100 visitors
  • 4 lectures from the field of research
  • 5 lectures from the business world
  • 10 posters on current research projects
  • 21 additional exhibitors
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