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MID Kongress – General Information

15th International MID Congress

21st – 22nd June 2023, Amberger Congress Centrum (ACC), Germany

The Internet of Things (IoT) leads to an ongoing change of our life: Laptops, tablets and smart phones translate spoken texts simultaneously in any language, answer semantical questions and support our daily life. Cars drive autonomously, use current traffic intelligence to avoid congestions and warn others instantly in case of any danger. Every object in the future factories is able to exchange data, work pieces may choose discretely their optimal process route and machines report maintenance issues betimes. And last but not least wearable electronic accompany us in watches to control our vital functions, in shoes to detect our pace and in glasses to display essential information. All these kinds of innovative gimmicks applied in Cyber Physical Systems integrate sensory functions, electronic intelligence, energy storages, harvesting and communication capabilities in tightest installation spaces on freely formed surfaces and in light plastic housings. All of them use antennas, which have to be designed spatially to boost their emitting performance. More and more there will neither be enough space for flat circuit board, nor for other electromechanical parts. Mechatronics integration extends from the chip level as MEMS, through packaging, assemblies and products, to the system level. In doing so, mechatronics integrates all physical areas: mechanics, electrics, electronics, thermics, magnetics, optics, computer science. For this purpose, there are of course not only planar build-up technologies, but also always spatial solutions. Furthermore, for mechatronic functions have to be applied on any kind of materials e.g. ceramics, fabrics, foils, paper/carton, even skin, we have to develop our structuring, metallization or printing processes dynamically further.

Conference Language: The conference language is English.

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