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Laser Direct Structuring


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Laser Direct Structuring using the LPKF-LDS process is a process with additive circuit deposition. Structuring is done by means of a laser beam by laying bare and activating special substances (additives) in a plastic compound.

These active ingredients contain chemically inactive metal cores which can be activated only by laser radiation. This small amount of additives in the plastic compound, their excellent compatibility and the electrically non-conductive properties of these active ingredients leave the characteristics of the applied type of plastic material practically unchanged. The temperature resistance of the ingredients is extremely high so that no metal is released (nuclei formation) during the compounding of the plastic granulate and during injection-molding.

This is enabled by the structure-writing laser beam which, after chemical metallisation, assures an adhesive strength of the metal layer (basic layer mostly Cu) that exceeds the standard by far (0,8 N/mm) due to the small ablation of the plastic matrix and the simultaneous release of metal nuclei.

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