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Project LaMP

Laser activation of printed metal-polymer composites [LaMP]

Research Objective

Creation of a continuous metallic structure on the surface of printed metal-polymer composites, thus increasing the electrical conductivity of the printed composite structure.


  • Formulation of printable metal-polymer composites (thick film), which can be processed both by digital and mask-based printing processes
  • Adjustment of the functionality of the printed structures by laser processing
  • Processability of oxidation-sensitive materials by laser-based sintering process
  • Usability of substrates with limited temperature resistance by laser-based sintering process

Figure: Printed thermocouples on various high-temperature substrates; Source: Fraunhofer IFAM

Benefits and economic importance for SMEs

  • Increasing the maximum electrical power transmission of printed conductors
  • Optimization of resistive PT temperature sensors on PET substrate
  • Development of new technologies: printed thermocouples on PET substrate
  • Expansion of the material portfolio of metallic pastes to include special alloy materials in order to open up new areas of application for printed, conductive functional structures in a wide range of industries
  • Extension of the usable (temperature sensitive) basic substrates
  • Use of the laser-induced sintering process enables the processing of oxidation-sensitive alloy materials by printing
  • Improvement of the electrical properties of existing paste materials (e.g. silver pastes) enables new applications
  • Direct typographic functionalization of 3D components

Research institutions

IFAM – Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Applied Materials Research

Head of the research institution
Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Busse
Vienna Str. 12
28359 Bremen, GER


BIAS – Bremen Institute for Applied Beam Technology GmbH

Head of the research institution
Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Vollertsen
Klagenfurter Str. 5
28359 Bremen, GER

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