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Research Association 3-D MID e.V.

Our Vision

“Vision is the ability to see hidden things!”

  • Creating a joint venture with different companies and research institutes to support and develop the MID technology
  • Building a stage for innovation and market development in forward-looking mechatronic systems
  • Allocation of an extern innovation network
  • Encouragement of the knowledge gain in the sector of Mechatronic Integrated Devices

  • Thereby we create values for our members and support the development of the MID technology
  • Thereby we contribute to the success of our members and the MID technology in the future

Objectives and Structure

The Research Association Mechatronic Integrated Devices 3-D MID e.V. was founded in Erlangen in 1992 in order to support the numerous, interdisciplinary tasks in the introduction of the MID technology. For this, the specific knowledge of the various disciplines needs to be bundled and exchanged. The Research Association comprises companies as well as research institutes concerned with design and engineering, materials, tooling and molding, metallization, structuring, and the downstream processing with assembly, connection technology and connectors as well as users of the technology. The objective of the Research Association is to support and develop of the MID- technology. This includes joint research projects, promotion of experience exchange among the members and initiation of the realization of the new technical opportunities by suitable publications and activities like fair participation and conference organization.


A special aim of the research association is to support small and medium sized enterprises. Research groups, constituted from among the members, tackle important research topics, e.g. thermal stability of plastics, innovative connection technology and molding questions. Besides, the Research Association expands a MID information system “MIDIS” and compiles and updates consolidated MID test specifications. The guidelines for the research programme are given by the Association of research council made up of competent representatives from membership companies.

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