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Industrial exhibition

Companies participating in the congress have the opportunity to present themselves on site and thus attract attention. Interested parties have the choice between an exclusive exhibition booth, a table-top-presentation or a poster presentation.


Companies who would like to present themselves at the congress with a stand are welcome to contact the office directly. E-Mail to office

Options of presentation

There are the following three options to participate in the industrial exhibition.


1) Exhibition booth 
with logo print, showcase and bar table (max. 10 exhibitors)
2) Table-top presentation
(max. 10 table-top exhibitors)
3) Poster presentation
(max. 10 poster exhibitors)
Here applies: “First come first serve”, as only a limited number of posters are available.


Booth A: Members: 2.000 €, non-members: 2.800 €

Booth B: Members: 1.800 €, non-members: 2.520 €

Booth C: Members: 1.600 €, non-members: 2.240 €

Total availability

Booth A: 4x

Booth B: 4x

Booth C: 2x

Picture 1: Exhibition booth, Source: 3D-MID e.V.
Picture 2: Table-Top, Source: 3D-MID e.V.

In addition to 3-D MID e.V., seven co-exhibitors were represented at the accompanying industrial exhibition 2018

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