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General Information

14th International Congress MID 2021 (digital)

The format of the virtual 14th International MID Congress 2021 has been set.


8th to 11th February 2021 as a virtual event
daily from 2:30 PM to 6 PM (CET)


30 lectures

A total of 30 lectures will be presented, eight of which will be given by industry representatives and will deal with current products, processes and materials. The other 22 lectures are from the scientific community and offer an insight into the latest research results in the fields of printed electronics, reliability, packaging, laser-based processes, additive manufacturing and 3D optoelectronics.
By spreading the talks over four days, participants will have the opportunity to listen to each talk and join the relevant sessions as they wish. The presentations will each be accompanied by a Q&A session and moderated by an expert session chair.


Bilateral exchange

In addition, the opportunity for bilateral exchange will be created. This will provide the opportunity to create new cooperations and to enter into direct exchange with other participants within the framework of the virtual event.



Analogous to the usual face-to-face event, there will also be an exhibition where you can present your company through a presentation and videos. The exhibition will take place over the entire four days of the congress and will offer slots of 30 minutes each from 10 AM to 1 PM (CET).


Live chat

A live chat will enable direct contact with interested parties and uncomplicated handling of queries.



To participate in the MID Congress as an audience member, please register here.

If you are interested in participating in the exhibition or have further questions, please contact the office at

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